jams up

windows down

I’m a fearless spiritual GUIDE and SACRED REBEL

Meet your friendly neighborhood Khaos Alchemist, priestess, yogini, mom, and friend. Walking the complex paths is what the universe put me on the earth to do.

I work with the present moment to create a customized plan to alchemize your Khaos.  I support you with my apothecary of modalities, including but not limited to:


A breath of fresh air and a glimmer 
of hope for the darkest path

READY for a deep dive?

I guide brave individuals ready to dive deep, alchemize old stories and trauma, and heal the darkest pieces of their souls.  I have over 10 years of somatic studies, a lifelong affinity with the elements of nature, and a fiery passion for helping fellow sacred rebels.  My soul's purpose is sharing what I’ve learned with others and cultivating commUNITY.  I have over 450 RYT training hours in Kundalini Technology and Aquarian Yoga, including a 3-year mentorship with Dr. Siri Gian Khalsa. 



I teach you to leave survival mode and alchemize with each breath

your mess holds your most profound magic

My passion is creating a customized experience and drawing upon my apothecary of tools to support your individualized healing experience. I love working one-on-one because it allows us to build trust, create a strong container and go DEEP.  Together, we will weave together energetic activation, somatic practice, everyday nourishment, self-care, and intuitive ways of knowing. It's YOUR season.


vanessa sage phd

SARAMARIE breathes fresh energy into ancient practices

"SaraMarie weaves magic into everything she does. She is a dynamic, inspiring, and encouraging guide who breathes fresh energy into ancient practices. You feel in safe hands when you’re in one of her classes. She meets you where you are and encourages you at every turn. You leave feeling alive and full of grounded expansive energy. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with SaraMarie several times and I wholeheartedly recommend her!"

Stacy Maskell

a gentle yet fierce guide

"SaraMarie is amazing. She is a gentle yet fierce guide. Her knowledge and presence radiate across time and space. As she leads you through amazing kundalini practices, she explains the technology behind the movements and the breathwork. She holds the most tender and calming space. Each and every time SaraMarie has led a practice with us, I have felt more grounded and energized. She is a very special guide, teacher and leader."

evelyn amber

realness mixed with tenderness

“Sara Marie creates space for a leveling up of your energy! Her vibe of realness mixed with tenderness allows space to try new things and be open about what you are experiencing. She has helped me to work through my feelings by actively listening, bringing in the magic of smell and delicious food, breath and mudra work as well as cackling clitchiness (clown witchery)! She has called me on my bull shit and opened up to vulnerability with me to help open the channels for goodness.”

step into the magic

EXPERIENCE Divine healing within A one of a kind alchemICAL apothecary

Keep going, growing, and glowing.

I help you create a personal success system that effortlessly weaves more enjoyment into all areas of your life.  I maintain a safe, fierce, witnessing space that can hold it all.  I will be there every step of the way as you navigate everyday challenges, explore new ideas, ask questions, and share victories.

work with me

Khaos Alchemy guides you home to yourselF.   It's wild out there, and I know what it's like to be lost in the storm.  Khaos Alchemy is the anchor back into your center and the activation of your highest potential.  BREATHE YOURSELF BACK TO LIFE!